Truly Being

The Coaching Experience

Each session is a free and dynamic exploration of your current mindset and how it is affecting your life. We explore events that have been happening, how you have felt and responded, and how you would like to change and achieve better outcomes.

Through the course of discussion we uncover the patterns and negative habits that are limiting or undermining your growth and happiness. Bringing greater awareness to your thoughts and behaviours, we can begin to craft alternative ways of thinking and functioning that lead to greater flow and harmony in your life.

My job as coach is to spot these self-defeating or limiting behaviours, and provide you with strategies, exercises and insights that can gently adjust your course. As our sessions continue we review previous sessions and the progress you have made, building upon positive themes and sustaining momentum.

As you become more aware of the process of change, it generally becomes a smoother and more pleasant journey with positive insights coming thicker and faster.

Depending on what ignites your interest, we can focus upon adjustment of your mental functioning, through discussion and/or creative exercises, and we can support this change with the development of physical practices including breathing techniques and meditation. Looking at breathing is highly recommended as it affects your entire mental and physical state moment to moment.


Where do the sessions take place?
I can offer coaching sessions in person, or via video call. In-person sessions take place in the Stokes Croft/Cotham area of Bristol. Video sessions can be provided via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime internationally.

How much is each session?
Prices are negotiable based upon what you feel you can afford. Discounted block-bookings are also available.

How long are the sessions?
Each coaching session lasts 1 hour.

How often are the sessions?
I recommend sessions to take place either once a week, or once a fortnight, in order to build momentum and sustain changes.

How long will my coaching continue for?
As long as you like! You will notice positive changes from session 1. You may have particular blocks to overcome, and having done so you may feel content to finish. Or, you may wish to continue and see what other positive changes we can bring into your life.

How is coaching different to counselling?
Whilst there are many similarities between coaching and counselling, coaching is generally focused on the present and future, rather than the past. Coaching focuses on changing mindset and behaviour to produce specific, improved results. Both practices involve a strict adherence to confidentiality and non-judgement. If you are feeling overwhelmed by troubling emotions and unable to cope you may wish to seek a counsellor instead. If you feel generally emotionally stable, but you feel stuck in life and unsure how to progress, then coaching may be able to help you.


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