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My journey of awareness started at the age of 19 when I joined Samaritans. Across five years as a Samaritan, I spoke to people from all walks of life, gathering an enormous amount of insight from their experiences. I witnessed not only how external circumstances affect us, but how our internal reactions to those circumstances can further undermine and control us.

Following Samaritans I completed a qualification in counselling and interpersonal skills at Guildford College, and though my interest moved away from counselling as a career, I gained, and continue to apply all the skills and wisdom received on this journey.

At 25 a major life incident helped me become aware of subtle, but severe psychological limitations I had suffered throughout my adult life, so severe that they physically limited my body. I began a period of intense introspection, study and practice. During this time I studied and practiced meditation, mindfulness, NLP, hypnosis, yoga, breathwork, out of body work, reiki, and many other practices and techniques. I learned for myself what works effectively, as well as formed a framework of thought and philosophy that weaves it all together into simple, growth-focused practice.

Meanwhile, alongside this personal development, I maintained my much older passion for composing music. I healed the ways this interest had become soured by ego and ambition over the years, and rediscovered the inspiration, wonder and joy that had originally led me to it.

As I have continued on this journey of growth, I have begun helping others on theirs and sharing what I have learned to realign and revitalise their growth. I have very much been there. I have felt the frustration, struggle, sadness, envy and all the other emotional burdens that trouble us when we feel our potential is being limited and unfulfilled. And now I have seen first-hand how all I have learned and the years I spent validating these learnings can result in quickly enhanced awareness, relief and progress for those I work with.

Derek Kirkup
Derek Kirkup

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