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My journey of awareness started at the age of 19 when I joined Samaritans as a listening volunteer, progressing to Deputy Director of my branch. Across five years as a Samaritan, I spoke to people from all walks of life, gathering an enormous amount of insight from their experiences. I witnessed not only how external circumstances affect us, but how our internal reactions to those circumstances can further undermine and control us.

Following Samaritans I completed studies in counselling and interpersonal skills at Guildford College. This learning set the foundation to springboard my own personal development when a cathartic experience at 25 forced me to face my own psychological gremlins.

I began a period of intense introspection, study and practice. During this time I studied and practiced meditation, mindfulness, NLP, hypnosis, yoga, breathwork, out of body work, and many other techniques. I learned for myself what works effectively, as well as formed a framework of thought, language and philosophy that weaves it all together into simple, growth-focused practice.

Alongside this path of study in personal development, I maintained my much older passion for composing music. I healed emotional blocks, ironed out the ways these had sabotaged my creative and professional development, and in their place established healthy and productive new habits that led to greater success and fulfilment in this area of my life.

As I have continued on this journey, I have begun helping others realign and revitalise their growth, by sharing all I have studied, practiced and continue to learn.

I have very much been there. I have felt the frustration, struggle, sadness, envy and all the other emotional burdens that trouble us when we feel our potential is being limited and unfulfilled by unseen blocks. But as I have continued this journey, I have seen how simply these problems can be solved when we are able to create space, breathe deeply and see clearly. All the more so with support!


Derek Kirkup
Derek Kirkup

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