A Simple Truth

At any one time we have 100% of our energy available to us. The question is, how are we spending it?

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If you are finding persistently that you feel stuck, frustrated, or that your gains are only temporary, then a large part of your energy may be being spent on undermining your progress.

Instead of pursuing the things that matter to us, we waste the precious time we have by procrastinating, distracting ourselves or worrying.

The question is, what would happen if all the energy and time we spend on worrying and procrastinating, was immediately reinvested into supporting ourselves?

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It Starts with Awareness

The task of coaching is to bring greater and deeper awareness to who we are and what we value, exploring what motivates us in greater depth in order to unlock the passion that will create lasting change, and becoming aware of the behaviours that will reach our desired outcomes.

Moment by Moment

By becoming more aware of how we are behaving each moment of the day, we can see how our behaviours are creating our life over a period of time, for better or for worse. Working in the present with these moment-to-moment behaviours, we can lead our life out of ruts, and into steady, positive progress.

Truly Being

When you are no longer being undermined by unconscious habits, and instead are empowered by new habits that effortlessly create success and abundance in your life, you are free to enjoy the ride of life, the state of truly being!

So how do we do this?

The powerful tools in our toolkit...



Breathing is the powerhouse defining every moment of our experience. Using simple breathing practices, we can balance your nervous system, relieving unnecessary stress, and bringing feelings of clarity, calm, focus and empowerment.



Using reflection and imagination, we can explore life events that trouble you, look for clues and cues that have led to negative outcomes, and imagine an alternative outcome that motivates and makes you feel good.


Habit Formation

Using proven techniques in habit formation, we can unravel the behaviours that are keeping you frustrated, and in their place create behaviours that help you take small, effortless steps towards lasting change, every moment of every day.

It's simple, when you have help!


We are very simple machines of habit, but unfortunately it’s not easy to unravel the messes we create without help. With the support of someone who can calmly hold a space for you, allowing you to explore, whilst looking out for the clues you have missed, you can gain insight and change age-old negative behaviours in an instant.

That's where I come in!

Derek Kirkup

Derek Kirkup

From my background in counselling, the development of my artistic practice and overcoming my own psychological challenges, I have walked the path, gained experience and insight, and am able help others overcome their challenges.

I can help you:

  • Overcome negative self-criticism

  • Calm anxiety

  • Be more consistent

  • Develop your creative practice

  • Find clarity in your goals

  • Overcome self-defeating behaviours

  • Stop wasting time

  • Improve your relationships

In person, phone or video:

Video Call

What my clients say...

"Meeting with Derek has been incredibly helpful for my personal health. From the first interaction I had with him, he was friendly, honest, and compassionate. Like meeting an old friend for tea, every session with Derek is insightful and enlightening. He offers accessible exercises, and great ways to problem solve in your daily life. He listens and focuses on every detail, looking to explore deeply the root of the problem. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to bring some positive thinking into their lives."

- Comedian

Next steps...

Well done for following the desire for growth that led you here. Not everybody hears that call, but when we do we are primed for positive change.

The next step is for us to speak on a short, free and no-obligation introductory phone call. Here I can answer your questions, as we get acquainted, explore the overview of where you are currently at and imagine where you would like to move to.

I have several call slots available each week, and you only need to set aside 10-15 minutes to explore this thread of curiosity further.